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Provider Install

You can manage the following resources using Ketch's provider for Pulumi:

  • Application
  • Framework


Pulumi Up Requirement

For the Ketch provider to work, make sure the terminal where you run the pulumi up command has kubectl access to the cluster where you want the resources to be deployed.

Using The Provider

Resource Plugin


Pulumi Install

The instructions below assume you already have Pulumi installed.

If not, you can find detailed information on how to install it here

Download Ketch's resource plugin for Pulumi here

Once downloaded, move it to your local Pulumi path:

mv pulumi-resource-ketch $HOME/.pulumi/bin

npm install

You can use NPM to install Ketch's provider for Pulumi through the command below:

npm i @shipa-corp/kpulumi

Node.js packages

To start using the Ketch provider for Pulumi with Node.js, make sure you add the package to your environment. You can do it using the following commands:

yarn add @shipa-corp/kpulumi
yarn add @pulumi/pulumi