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Job Management

You can use Ketch's provider for Pulumi to provide developers with an easy way to deploy jobs across multiple Kubernetes clusters.

Deploying Jobs

import * as pulumi from "@pulumi/pulumi";
import * as ketch from "@shipa-corp/kpulumi";

const item = new ketch.Job("js-job-1", {
    job: {
        name: "js-job-1",
        version: "v1",
        framework: "dev",
        description: "Pulumi NodeJs job",
        policy: {
            restartPolicy: "Never"
        containers: [
                name: "pi",
                image: "perl",
                commands: [
                    "print bpi(2000)"

export const jobName =;


namestringThe name of the job to be deployed by Ketch

Required: Yes
versionstringJob deployment version.

Required: No
frameworkstringThe framework Ketch should use to deploy the job.

Required: Yes
descriptionstringJob description.

Required: No
policystringJob restart policy.

Required: Yes
containersstringThe Job container image and command details.

Required: Yes