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Ketch makes it extremely easy to deploy and manage applications on Kubernetes using a simple command-line interface. No Kubernetes object YAML is required!

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Why Ketch

With the increased adoption of microservices architecture and Kubernetes as the default option for managing containers, most organizations are either starting or deep into their journey of migrating their current applications to a microservices architecture and Kubernetes.

While this approach brings many benefits, developers are inundated with the complexities associated with this change and all of the new infrastructure-related concepts it brings. In addition to their application code and updates, developers now have to create and manage infrastructure objects and YAML files to deploy their applications. This increases the complexity when deploying applications and updates, presents a steep learning curve, and takes focus away from what's important for the developer, creating and delivering applications.



Ketch implements the concept of pools, which Platform Engineers and DevOps can use to isolate workloads and resources assigned to different teams and more.

Developer Experience

Ketch removes application deployment complexities while improving the developer experience by allowing developers to focus on code instead of infrastructure objects and YAML files.

With a simple command, developers can have their applications deployed on Kubernetes without learning, creating, and maintaining Kubernetes-related objects, which can drastically accelerate Kubernetes adoption, reduce the learning curve, and accelerate the delivery of applications and updates, thus improving the developer experience.

Application Context

Ketch greatly simplifies application support and maintenance by allowing developers, DevOps, and Platform Engineering teams to operate applications from an application context view instead of an object-oriented context.