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Ketch v0.2.0 Release

EnhancementApplication deployment directly from source code
EnhancementSupport to canary deployments
EnhancementKetch now shows the application status
EnhancementKetch shows the logs for the apps deployed
EnhancementUsers can now create, update, and delete platforms on Ketch for multi-language source code deployments
EnhancementUsers can create custom platforms on Ketch through a docker file
Bug fixedRemoving a pool on Ketch does not remove the namespace from Kubernetes
Bug fixedKetch CNAME remove does not remove it from the ketch app list command
Bug fixedTraefik 2.x requires certificates to enable HTTPS successfully
Bug fixedApplication deployment from source fails if no Procfile is provided
Bug fixed404 error on certain scenarios with canary deployments
Bug fixedKetch application deployment from source fails to push the image to docker registry automatically